Sunday, March 07, 2021

Taylor Swift’s Labour of Love: The Story

Taylor Swift is without a doubt one of the world’s most recognised and successful music artists, with a career spanning well over a decade. Love her or hate her, people know her name and usually a song or two, even if they do sing along reluctantly when it comes on the radio. Throughout her career, Swift has accumulated 10 Grammy awards and 32 American Music Awards across a number of categories. She won the 2015 BRIT award for International Female Solo Artist and has countless other awards and nominations to her name.

Signed to Big Machine record label when she was 15 years old, Swift broke onto the country music scene to huge acclaim and quickly became the label’s most commercially successful artist. Over the course of her contract with Big Machine, Swift released six albums, from 2006’s Taylor Swift, up to and including 2017’s Reputation. 

De una vez- music has no language

You don’t need to understand Spanish to recognise the emotions behind Selena Gomez’s new song ‘De una vez’. It is concrete proof that music is more than just the words behind it, it’s feeling, tonality and interpretation.

‘De una vez’, which roughly means at once, is an exploration into the growth and healing that a person experiences after their heart has been broken. Focussing less on the pain and more on the recovery, this song is uplifting and hopeful. It shines a light on dark times and amplifies the strength of someone who has been wrongly dragged backwards through more than just bushes.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Ariel Posen – Now I See - Is He Just Eye Candy?

Ariel Posen, for those who don’t know of him, isn’t just a bit of a heart throb, he’s a wonderfully talented guitarist from the nation we all love, Canada. 

Ariel’s new song “Now I See” from his upcoming release “Headway” (March 5th) Forgive me for making a subtle pun but I think he’ll be making Headway with this song.

If you could imagine what a love child of Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer would be, then this is probably what you would have in mind. As a musician myself, I can’t help but analyse all the little intricate details in his playing…however his voice takes over and you can’t help but be lost within his subtle tones. 

Sol Paradise and the influence behind his brand new track Tranquil Life

Native Londoner and one-man band Sol Paradise has landed and enlightening our earbuds with ‘Tranquil Life’. He is an artist who has taken inspiration from all kinds of music and his sound is inspired by everything he listens to which is why it is quite hard to pinpoint a specific genre to his music.

He likes to compare his style to Steve Lacey who made a big impact on Sol’s life. Lacey taught him that having your own unique production style is a good thing and you need to embrace that and let the people know that this is what you can do. 

The song has 32,000 streams so far which tells you life is looking bright for Sol. The song has a nostalgic fuzzy summer feel to it and makes you dream of happy memories you once had in the good weather enjoying yourself with a drink or two.

Friday, March 05, 2021

‘Cheering To The Echo’ - Kings Of Leon's latest single

Except for last spring’s single ‘Going Nowhere’, there’s been scant issue from KoL studios, these past fifty-one months.  But I’m happy to report a grand compensation in the Nashville quartet’s newly arrived single, Echoing. Grand compensation. 

Echoing sounds as if it’s just busted out of Sun Studio riding a bulldozer.  A  thickly layered pile of scratchy, fuzz-toned, pulverised Danelectros (they play Gibsons), it is at the same time a rapturous wave of reverb. And an urgent, relentless shuffle skipping on triplets, which, for its 3 minutes and 37 seconds, feels as if it might explode...